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Services typically deployed globally.
- Cloud deployments generally useful for this.
- Replication delay
- hardware scaling: vertical vs horizontal
- Response time: dereference vs introspection

Stateless has limitations: no silver bullet. Flips the problem on its head. Negative check vs positive check.

Stateless sessions
OAuth 2 Access and Refresh tokens.
OpenAM 14.5: Stateless authentication, multistep authentication.

(demonstration of stateless/statefull sessions)

How to store and share cryptographic keys?
- configured outside of the product
- OpenAM pointed to keystore

(demonstration of stateless OAuth2)

Some of the tradeoffs between stateful vs stateless architecture:

- Memory usage: higher for stateful
- Data volatility: Stateless favours more stable data.
- Quota: only possible with stateful.
- Load Balancing: eventually Stateless will move completely to no load balancer requirements.
- Notifications: Stateful will provide more accurate tracking g of session state.

(demonstration of Amster and configuration of stateless sessions)

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