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  • Customising the XUI can be done by:
    • Adding a bootstrap theme CSS file
    • Customising the ThemeConfiguration.js file to define new themes
    • Changing HTML templates
    • Adding the modifications to the WAR file before deployment
  • Theme customisation can be applied:
    • realm-by-realm
    • by authentication chain
  • HTML templates use handlebars
  • Authentication module UI can be overridden in templates/openam/authn, defaults to RESTLoginTemplate.html
  • XUI is too bloated - best practice should almost be to not go to production with the XUI if you want to be friendly to bandwidth-limit situations (mobile, etc), which leads us into...
  • Would be nice if there was a productionising process for when you customise XUI to assemble all the artifacts into a small number in order to keep the number of requests down. A customer UI Build process would be great
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