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Kate Atkinson

High level overview
- Simple focused solution
- API documentation aimed at getting a dev up and working quickly.
- Perhaps they are working on a demo app, as a starting point for the full FR stack

Define SaaS for FR
- Go to FR site
- Sign up
- Provided with an admin console
- Production quality 4 9's quality (99.99%)
- Range of features out of the box
- Social providers
- SAML or just OAuth2?
- Completely new

How to differentiate from Okta?
- Will develop the platform as we get more feedback from customers
- Focus on the key features of the FR platform

- Next year

Overall objective to make all FR products simpler to use. SaaS will drive benefits to the existing stack.

SaaS UI simpler and cut down functionality.

Target Platform: Google Cloud Platform
- API's and trouble shooting is pretty easy on Google.
- Rollout to US first

Target user base?
- Early access program
- no SAML, targets consumer use cases instead of typical corporate
- Small teams within the company
- Retail, Marketing, Development departments
- Where time to market is more important than functionality.

Will hold some user data.

Live demo Dashboard. What do you want to see?

Lots of different use cases for the UI.
Will the data be available from an API? Yes
Target customers will need a UI for most day to day operations

Clients: Different types of realm. Apps modelled in the UI. One per realm. Considered splitting an App between realms.
Each realm could be a different tenant and so would benefit from different skins per realm.

Enterprise developer vs Reseller

Encapsulation: Apps, roles, users

Domain Names: customer domain names e.g.:
- vs
- Google supports this nicely
- Do it the way Google does it.

Expect pressure to add more functionality to the SaaS service.
- On prem vs SaaS discussion
- Most SaaS deployments end up hybrid
- SaaS allows early opportunity for customer and FR to interact.

Are we on the right track?
- Will help early adoption
- Free option would be of interest
- Something functionality but limited
- Credit card required for signup as this verifies that the user is a real person.
- Existing customers can have a separate arrangement

Can we migrate data or synchronise data?
- Yes, key for moving a user to the full FR stack
- Support integration with SalesForce

Event Service: an option to allow more integration with other services.

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