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  • Commons Implementation Overview
    • Only supports the Authorization Code Grant Flow
    • If Social Providers follow the OAuth 2.0 or OIDC specification, no additional code is needed to integrate within IDM
    • Additional Client Code implemented (WeChat, VK, Instagram, etc)  to handle deviations from the Spec
    • Ability to support Twitter implementation in current framework, even though Twitter is implemented as OAuth 1.0a
  • Overview of setting up Social Provider in IDM
    • UI provides direct links to Social Provider's developer pages to simplify integration
    • Specifying scopes
    • Account claiming
  • Overview of using Social Provider to login with AM and IDM integration
    • Registration and login with AM
  • Overview of Swagger API Documentation and Client Documentation


Can Social Providers be implemented in Custom UI?

  • Yes. The APIs have been documented. You could implement the Social Provider flow for any custom UI using these APIs.

Plans to support Implicit Flow?

  • Currently we only support Authorization Code Grant Flow. 

Plans to support Refresh? If User Profile is updated on Social Provider, will the data propagate down and refresh the saved data within IDM?

  • Refresh token functionality is not currently implemented. In the future, the plan is to have refresh token ability implemented so that on login a user's data could be updated if necessary. 

Any feedback from current customers about issues using social providers or how applicable this is?

  • There has been no negative feedback from social providers as of yet. The usage of Social Providers will be dependent on customer's use case. 

Can users have multiple social providers?

  • Users can log in with multiple social providers. They will be able to unlink profiles as well.  Through the admin view, you are able to see the relationships between the single user and their associated social provider information.

What if users do not have all required information in their Social Provider Profile?

  • If not all required information is present in the User Profile of the Social Provider, the user will be redirected to the Registration page that will be pre-filled with information that was found from the Social Provider. The user will need to fill out remaining information in order to continue with registration. 

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