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  • Developing OpenDJ with IntelliJ IDEA
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The quickest and easiest way to use IntelliJ IDEA 15 for OpenDJ development is to:

  1. Clone the source code from ForgeRock's Stash into a new directory. This will require a community login:

    $ git clone opendj-trunk
    $ cd opendj-trunk
    $ mvn clean install
  2. Start IntelliJ IDEA, and open (not import) the above directory as a project.

  3. The new project (e.g. opendj-trunk) should be ready for your work.


Open the Maven panel, expand OpenDJ and double-click the install label.

Error on imports of rxjava classes

That's because of the opendj-rxjava  module is empty since it only rebundles the rxjava dependency.

To fix this, you have to ignore the opendj-rxjava  module: right click on its pom.xmlMavenIgnore Project and then right-click > Maven > Reload the whole project from the opendj  maven pom.

You may need to restart IntelliJ for this to work.

Running unit tests

Open the Maven panel, check the "precommit" profile, and do a build as above.

Running and debugging individual unit tests

Go to Run > Edit Configurations... and choose Defaults > TestNG.

  • edit the VM options field, adding: -Dorg.opends.server.BuildRoot=.
  • ensure that the working directory is $MODULE_DIR$
  • remove the Make job in the Before Launch list

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