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This deprecated article explains how to build OpenDJ prior to 2015.

Since 2015, OpenDJ has switched to git and uses stash as the source repository. Please read Developing OpenDJ with Maven on how to get the source code.

What's all this Subversion stuff?

ForgeRock use Subversion as their source code revision system. Subversion is a widely used open source source code revision system with great client support.

For more information about Subversion checkout this website. Wikipedia has a list of Subversion clients and Google will help.

Note that the OpenDJ build system requires Subversion 1.6. If you check out using Subversion 1.7, the repository format is incompatible and some rules in the build system will not work.

Browsing the TRUNK

You may browse the trunk of the OpenDJ SVN repository by navigating to this URL

Other tags and branches of OpenDS are also viewable from the Fisheye viewer on the repository - simply navigate through the tree that appears when you access that URL.

Checking out the TRUNK

Subversion will checkout the files into the current working directory. Use the following command to checkout the trunk.

$ cd /Users/me/opendj
$ svn co

Certificate and Passwords

If subversion asks you about certificates then accept the certificate permanently. Save the password for future use.

Checking out a Branch

ForgeRock maintains branches of the OpenDJ product for maintenance purposes. Use the following command to get the branch you want.

$ svn co

Developing and Debugging with OpenDJ

If you are running a specific version of the product and want to do some development or debugging, you will want to check out the correct branch. If you try and debugging using a different version of the code from that of the product then you can run into problems.

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