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  • OpenDJ 2.4 Beta 1 Release Notes
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This is the first release of OpenDJ, a downstream project from OpenDS .

For trademark reason, this build has been rebranded. There are still places where the word OpenDS might appear as a name. If you find any, please file a bug.

However environment variables, windows executables and resource files have not been renamed.

This release contains the following new features:

  • Support for Collective Attributes (RFC 3671, 3672) with specific enhancements
  • Improved Import performances and reliability
  • Optimized replication traffic routing to reduce overhead and increase reliability
  • Support for MS AD Permissive Modification Control
  • Support for multiple objectclass inheritance in the schema
  • Support for disk space monitoring in the server for the database, import and rebuild operations, preventing unexpected behaviors on full disks.
  • Support for monitoring the use of indexes in filters
  • Support for analysis of attribute indexes
  • Support for limit in the number of persistent searches
  • New resource limit policy to throttle the operation rate
  • Now only support Java 1.6 JVM or higher
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