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The roadmap represents ForgeRock´s current view of its product development cycle and future directions. It is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of ForgeRock. ForgeRock makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on future functionality and timeline.

OpenDJ 2.6 

OpenDJ 2.6.4 

OpenDJ 3.0

OpenDJ 3.5

OpenDJ 4.0

  • Released in Q1 2017 as ForgeRock Directory Services 5.0
  • Enhancements to the REST to LDAP service
  • Core Directory Proxy Services
    • Load balancing and failover
    • Health-check and high availability
    • Chaining
  • JSON Syntax and Matching Rules

Future Developments are now under the ForgeRock Directory Services product line.

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  1. Unknown User (kamalsofteng)

    HI, does anyone know the latest plan for OpenDJ 3? 

    1. Updated, and schedule to be released this month (January 2016)

  2. Unknown User (svatra)

    Hi Ludovic Poitou,

    Wikipedia states that the web-based service management console (which I interpret as the administration console that is currently offered as the control-panel) was planned for OpenDJ 4.0.

    However it appears that it is no longer part of OpenDJ 4.0 from this page at least as of Jan 12, 2016.

    We are keen on having a fully operational administration console on the web. Do you have a tentative timeline?

    Do you have any recommendations for a web version with what is currently available on the market? For instance, one of the following or something that is commonly used with OpenDJ.

    1. Wikipedia is an external view on the project.

      There is no formal plan for a web based administration console as of today. 

      As for a recommandation, all of the tools you are mentioning are focusing on content management, and not operational administration of the directory services themselves.

      1. Unknown User (svatra)

        Thanks, Ludovic Poitou

        Although, we were looking at a web version of what the control panel does today, we are currently more interested in a content management tool on the web for a support team. We are looking at the 4 tools I listed as possible candidates. Do you have a specific recommendation?

        1. I don't have any recommendation. It depends too much on the content of the directory and its use within your company. For all of them, you will have to customize them based on your schema and users data.

          1. Unknown User (svatra)

            Thank you, Ludo Poitou.

            Appreciate the prompt responses.