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JIRA Priority & Labels

  • Blocker (priority): Will not reach next milestone (feature freeze, code freeze, etc.) without this fix
  • 6.0-Must-Fix: Version will not be releases without this fix.
  • 6.0-Should-Fix: Time permitting, this shall be fixed. This is a temporary state esp. when approaching release date. By the end of release, there shall be no tickets being labeled as Should-Fix.
  • 6.5-Candidate: Evaluate at “start release cycle triage"
  • Backlog: Ticket has been evaluated and judged legitimate, but not considered for an upcoming release. Ticket may be moved back to “Pending-Triage” (see below) with new arguments.
  • Pending-Triage: Ticket to be (re-)evaluated at next ordinary triage session. Existing or new tickets with fresh data (e.g. customer request or support tickets) shall be put in this stage.

Triage Sessions

  • Ordinary Triage: Once a week to triage tickets with "Pending-Triage” label
  • Start Release Triage: Early in release cycle. Triage 6.5-Candiates to 6.5-Must-Fix or 6.5-Should-Fix or postpone. Triage "Pending-Triage". Review tickets with label "Backlog" and either leave, move or close tickets. Also check if there are remaining 6.0-XXX labels. Intention is to make room early for enhancements to existing features.
  • End Release Triages: Towards end of release, triage tickets with status “Pending-Triage”, “6.0-Should-Fix” and “6.0-Must-Fix” to make sure the right tickets have Must-Fix status and is coherent with remaining time

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