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  • Blockchain and Identity
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  • Blockchain ingredients:

    • Tamper evident ledger

    • Autonomous, distributed, possibly-decentralized nodes

    • Consensus algorithm (e.g., proof of work)

  • Platform for incentivizing cooperative human behaviors

    • Risk: are the incentives right?

    • 50% vulnerability (bad actor owns majority of nodes)

  • Goal: to store some content

  • Key use cases

    • Cryptocurrency, FinTech, smart contracts (UMA…), IoT, Identity

    • “Color Coins” : something physical tied to blockchain entry

    • Company Stock Issuing (Overstock)

    • UMA Trust Elevation (escrow, gates/conditions)

  • Identity

    • Conventional wisdom: no actual ID info (pointers), bloat, persistence

    • “Self-sovereign identity” (privacy, user control)

  • Companies

  • Advice: start private-services (e.g., FinTech) and move outward

  • “In a wilderness of mirrors: Do we still need trust in the online world?”

  • People

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