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  • DevOps and ForgeRock Products from dev to test to prod
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Session Notes:


Configuration Mangement tools in use: Puppet, Chef, Ansible

A few have fully automated deployments, most are a combination of automation and some manual procedures.


CM scripts are becoming large and complex.   Work in progress for ForgeRock product stack will make this easier.

Example: Clustering in OpenAM 14 will get much simpler. No x-talk, no "snowflake" nodes. Will simplify CM scripts to setup clustering.


Feedback: Keystore management is painful in both OpenIDM and OpenAM.  Tools to automate keystore distribution  / key management would be very helpful. 

OpenDJ - Want to be able to move database backends, have seperatation of binary from data .  Jamie notes this is in 3.0, and more enhancements coming in 3.5

Some are using “Archiva” - Archiva.  - Archive of built images and artifacts. Helps with reproducible deployments.


Jenkins is the most popular CI tool. Many are using it with CM tools (Ansible) to perform automated builds of images. 



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