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  • IG Protecting the Crown Jewels
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  • OpenIG is the diamond of the ForgeRock product set - so many facets it has
  • Incredibly useful for OAuth2-and SAML2- enabling (legacy) applications
  • API security: Abstract security out of your web app - handle it is a layer atop (OpenIG)
  • OpenIG vs. policy agents: Gateway can act as a policy enforcement point and use OpenAM as the policy decision point, but you can also have some policies in OpenIG
  • Throttling with OpenIG (overall, per API, per client); possibility to monetize the API
  • SSL termination possible at OpenIG
  • Building of UI in process - planned for winter release (OpenIG 5)
  • Demo UI wireframes (monitoring, new app creation, throttling, authentication, chains)
  • Best OpenIG deployment model for scalability looking at microservices architectures ? One OpenIG per microservice or one OpenIG for mutliple microservices ? Depends. Zalando for instance uses one OpenIG instance per one microservice.
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