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OpenDJ 101

Speaker: Mattias Tristl

  • Centralization of authentication
    • Need to know who the user is
  • Centralization of authorization
  • Identity management

Relationships are what counts in identity management

  • Hierarchy trees do not work for these kinds of relationships, but graphs do, because there are lots of different kinds of relationships, not just top down

OpenDJ makes user identifiers a totally abstract value because you do not have to destroy it in order to update the user information. If you use a birthday or gender etc., it may need to be changed, and you will have to destroy the identifier in order to update that information. If the information is completely abstract, you can update that identifier with new gender or with new birthday information, for example 

Directory servers need to be highly available. There can be no single points of failure. This means that you must have multiple instances of OpenDJ, and all changes must be replicated across the instances. The replication servers do this and distribute the changes.

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