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  • OpenIG as Dev Testbed
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Presentation of LDS WAMemulator tool.

  • Developers have to tie applications to AuthN/AuthZ
  • WAMemulator is a simulation environment that can run locally, integrated with Eclipse and IntelliJ.
  • New version based on the ForgeRock stack : OpenIG and OpenAM, contained in Docker, orchestrated with docker-compose
  • XML config for Users, Policies, also with Console to see what happened, configure and troubleshoot:
    • Tabs to : Manage users, Manage/Monitor sessions, Monitor traffic, Manage Policies.
    • Scripts to expose AM’s services : ListenerCoordinator, Session Mgr, User Mgr, Config Mgr, Listener Coordinator.
  • Interested in open sourcing it and sharing it.
  • Export/Import policies to troubleshoot and update production.

  • Docker orchestration is not easy : OpenAM fully availability required to start OpenIG
  • OpenIG cannot have any in memory variables (have to hard code everything in config files)
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