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  • Real World Applications of ForgeRock
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Real World Applications of ForgeRock

Speaker: Wajih Ahmed

Authentication is no longer just username & password.

SSO + AuthZ

  • Authentication
    • Passwordless
    • Via other services
    • Usernames & passwords

Federation + IOT (provisioning)

    • You can use your own portal/framework credentials with our REST API for validation
  • Risk assessment
    • Make sure you are who you say you are
    • Use levels to determine how secure you want to be
      • Ex. biometrics
      • Knowledge-based questions
  • Web Services
  • Advanced federation

Now we use authentication chains:

For example -

  1. User name and password
  2. Then second factor like device fingerprinting
  3. Then third factor like challenge question

There are many integration points within the stack. The REST API gives you the power to integrate as you like

Policy information points allow OpenAM to store info like “can this user make transactions of $1000 or more?”


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