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This is the home of the San Francisco UnSummit 2016! 
Notes from each session have been recorded and are available for community members to review. 
Session note taker guidelines:
Note takers for each session should follow this 3 point format:
1) High level points of session
2) Comments/questions/discussion
3) Action items/followup
We are not looking for a dissertation – 5-10 bullet points are ok!



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Page: Advanced Federation Page: API Descripter Preview Page: Authentication with Push Notifications Page: Basics of SAML/OAuth2/OIDC Page: Blockchain and Identity Page: Brainstorm: Adaptive Risk Page: Building Governance with IDM4 Page: Cloud Readiness / Docker Image considerations Page: Customizing AM / IDM Self-Service Page: DevOps and ForgeRock Products from dev to test to prod Page: Extreme Performance Benchmark (AM/DJ) Page: ForgeRock Future UI Page: FR UI Framework Future Stack Page: Identity and Access Governance with OpenIDM and Brainwave Page: IDM Object Model / Relationships Page: IDM Performance Tuning and deployment pitfalls Page: IDM Workflow Development Lifecycle Page: IG Protecting the Crown Jewels Page: Inside the FR UI Framework Page: IOT Wonderland Page: New IDM Tricks and Tips Page: OpenAM 101 Page: OpenDJ 101 Page: OpenIDM 101 Page: OpenIG 101 Page: OpenIG as Dev Testbed Page: PaaS and Cloud Foundry Page: Pets vs Cattle Experiments with Docker & Kubernetes Page: Power of AuthZ Page: Proactive Monitoring of the ForgeRock Identity Platform Page: Real World Applications of ForgeRock Page: Real World Applications of FR Page: Replacing Proprietary PEPs w/Standards-Based Agents Page: Securing Physical & Logical Access Page: Securing Physical and Logical Page: Session Note Taker Guidelines Page: Social Registration Page: Stateless + Bloom Filters Page: UMA w/AM and IG Page: Using Directory to Manage PII Page: Using ELK/Kibana for Log Analysis Page: Writing Audit Handlers Page: Writing Connecters with Groovy Page: XACML Lite w/REST