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  • Writing Connecters with Groovy
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OpenICF - the abstraction layer for connecting sources to targets

Examples: LDAP, Databases, files, etc


You _could_ write a connector in Java (but you have to implement lots of interfaces

Groovy scripting is an easier way - and it's designed for operations


Actions you need to do on connectors: Search, Query, Create, Update, Delete,

Authentication so you don't have to authenticate to other systems once auth'd in


Reconciliation versus Synchronization: What are they and what is the difference?

Core 10 operations you need to build in each connector - you can find a good example in the included samples

Difference between scripted connectors versus programmed (java) connectors


Process: Look for a pattern (Is there something existing like what I want to do)?

See if you can script it (using a scripted connector)

Customize a sample (like sample 3)


Querying is the most complex operation for a connector

<query filter example>

ICF docs are in draft, but are still very helpful

<Filter example and how it works with queryfilter to translate the specifics of querying the resource>


Parameterize your inputs to avoid SQL injection when using the SQL scripted connector


What's the process for testing connectors:

There really isn't good support for testing apart from isolating

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