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  • In the real world we recognize people via a multitude of "signals" they give off
    • gait
    • face
    • voice
      • tone, volume, accent, vocabulary
    • etc
  • Can we use digital signals to identify and provide inputs to the authentication process?
    • which device, OS, browser
    • cookies
    • geolocation, geo-fence, geo velocity
    • info from external services:
      • fraud detection
      • risk engines
      • credit scores
  • Authentication is no longer the result of successful assessment of 1 or 2 factors. MFA is yesterday.
    • Modern authentication involves many, many factors, most of which will be implicit and invisible to the user.
    • Hence Fine-grained Authentication
  • AM 5.5 comes with Authentication Trees as a way to model the user journey
    • Trees made up of collections of nodes which have outcomes
    • The outcomes allow an admin to model the user journey.
    • Intelligence built into the trees enable smoother user experience, yet more informed authn process
    • data acquired during authn can be placed in the session for use by apps later.
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