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Discussion around integrating smart devices into the ForgeRock Platform.

  • Overview of the IoT Primer Guide released by FR in Q2 -

  • What is a smart device - decent processing and storage power and can communicate HTTPS

  • Creation of devices schema's in IDM and storage in DJ

  • How to authentication a device?
    • Usernames and passwords no good...either are finger prints!
    • Certificates the most commonly used method for device authentication
    • Secondary authentication required - contextual

  • PIN & Pair - adding a user context to the device
    • OAuth2 device flow
    • Issuing access tokens to a device
    • User related scopes
    • How to revoke access once a device has been stolen/lost

  • Discussion around how to integrate devices into the protection eco-system
    • Coding of client applications
    • More interest to validate the application that is on the device, as opposed to the device itself
    • App as part of the OAuth2 client profile

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