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If you want to help improve our documentation, we will appreciate it. If you see an error in what we have written, let us know. In either case, we will be pleased to review changes that you propose, in any appropriate format.

While the ForgeRock team uses DocBook to create our documents, we want to make it as simple as possible for members of the ForgeRock community to submit bugs, changes, and improvements. 

 If you’re new to helping us create better documents, start with the How You Can Help with our Documentation page. It describes what you can do, as a member of the community, in a simplified fashion. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to help. 

If you are comfortable with DocBook 5.x, the Core Documentation Author’s Guide goes into some detail on the XML files that we use. If you want to see an example, this link points to the XML file that is processed into the Installing OpenAM Core Services chapter from the OpenAM Installation Guide. 

 If you want more information on how you might use an editor for DocBook, read How to DocBook. 

 If you want more information on how we use DocBook in our XML files, read the Core Documentation Cookbook. 

 If you want to share your experiences with our products, you could share it in Case Study or White Paper format. We provide a suggested format in the How To Share a Case Study or White Paper page. 

 If you want to see the process that we as ForgeRock technical writers go through, take a look at the review process page. We hope that it will increase the confidence that you feel in our documents.

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