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The outline of this test plan is based on ForgeRock quality guidelines, which are in turn based on the IEEE 829 Test Plan Template.

Modifications and Updates


Description of Change


March 2011

0.1 Initial Draft

Gary Williams



This is a test plan for all the Quality Assurance and Test activities on the <software under test>.

Goals and Objectives

<In addition to the master test plan what are the goals and objectives of this plan>



Operational Definitions/Glossary of Terms

The following are definitions and terms used in this test plan.

  • OpenDJ: Directory server, console and associated tools. 
  • OpenAM: 
  • OpenIDM:
  • SUT: Software Under Test

Test Items

These major components are identified in this Test Plan as the software or parts of the software under test.
<List items to be tested>


This section details the features that are in the scope of this project. These features can be broken down further into sub-features. It also list specific areas for test like performance testing and documentation review.

Features to be Tested

<Describe the features to be tested>

Features not to be Tested

<Describe the features not to be tested>


<define the testing approach followed by this Test Plan>.

Test Scope (Strategy)

<define the test scope followed by this Test Plan>

Test Types

<describe the test types that are appropriate to this plan>

Defect Management

<describe here anything related to management of defects, tools, workflow, etc.,>

Defect management and reporting to be done through Bugster (

Bugster is based on JIRA.

Workflow for bug management is defined in the bug life cycle (TBD).


<describe the metrics associated with this Test Plan>

Item Pass/Fail Criteria

<describe the pass/fail criteria associated with this Test Plan>

Suspension Criteria and Resumption Requirements

<describe the requirements associated with this Test Plan>

Test Deliverables

<describe the any specific items that are to be delivered as part of this Test Plan>

Testing Tasks

<describe the any specific tasks that are to be done as part of this Test Plan>

Environmental Needs

<describe the any specific environmental needs required to implement this Test Plan>


<describe the any specific responsibilities as part of this Test Plan>

Staffing and Training Needs

<describe the any training needs required as part of this Test Plan>


<describe the schedule for this Test Plan>

Risks and Contingencies

<describe the any risks and contingencies as part of this Test Plan>

The following are identified as examples of potential risks:

  • Lack of personnel resources when testing is to begin. 
  • Lack of availability of required hardware, software, data or tools. 
  • Late delivery of the software, hardware or tools. 
  • Changes to the original requirements or designs.
  • Increased complexity of the product. 

In the event of any of the above:

  • The test schedule will move out an appropriate number of days, or. 
    • The number of test performed will be reduced. 
    • The number of acceptable defects will be increased.
    • The overall quality of the delivered product will be impacted. 
  • Resources will be needed to be added to the test team. 
  • The scope of this plan may be changed.


<describe if there are any approvals or sign off at various stages of this Test Plan>

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