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The roadmap represents ForgeRock´s current view of its product development cycle and future directions. It is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of ForgeRock. ForgeRock makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on future functionality and timeline.

ForgeRock is committed to deliver a roadmap that is as open and accurate as possible to enable you to plan future development, migration or upgrade projects. Our customers and community members influence the product direction therefore we strongly encourage the contribution of ideas or requests for new features through the Wish List or by logging an RFE in Bugster

OpenAM 11.0 

OpenAM 12.0

OpenAM 13.0

OpenAM 13.5

Access Management 5.0 (formerly OpenAM 14)

Access Management 5.1

Access Management 5.5

Access Management 6.0

Access Management 6.5

  • Cloud-friendly configuration stores
    • Configuration enhancements in support of DevOps driven deployments
    • Separate Policy and Applications stores
  • Secrets Management
  • Intelligent Authentication 
    • More Authentication Nodes for Trees
  • OAuth2 Enhancements
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  1. Unknown User (barramundi)

    Where did the previously planned "Session Fail-Over across sites" go?

    1. That arrived in OpenAM 12. Check out the Installation Guide for details.

  2. Unknown User (

    Ok, it's 2016 - where is 13.0.0 (big grin)

    1. Patience Allen, we're close.

  3. Geo-Velocity (Combining GeoLocation and Login events to determine risk) has come up more than once in Customer demos. Please review this need.

    1. A scripted auth module could be used to deliver this. As a script, "appropriate-to-the-business" logic can be used.

  4. Unknown User (marccbr)

    Will 13.5 require a subscription or will it be a free download since it is a major milestone?

    1. Unknown User (jbarco)

      13.5 is a minor release which, following our release policy, is subscription only. 

  5. Unknown User (kamalsofteng)

    Any word on 14? Supposed to be out in winter, spring is here (smile)

    1. Good things come to those who wait.

      And BTW  (wink)

  6. Unknown User (kamalsofteng)

    I will check on the 21st. It better be there (smile)

  7. Unknown User (lahoucine.jazza)

    Any news about OpenAM 14 ? Is it renamed Forgerock Access Management 5.0 ?

  8. As per the recent "Future is Now" webinar series (replay's available here OpenAM is ForgeRock Access Management.