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In 2015 ForgeRock chose to fork the FreeOTP project as the basis for both the Android and iOS Authenticator apps.

The Android and iOS sub-pages gives further information such as where to find and fork the source code, how to open the projects in the appropriate IDE and how to work with the app during development, beta-testing and final release.

Version History

2.0.1 (iOS)

Bug fix release, September 2016

2.0.0 - [AME-8831]

Released with OpenAM 13.5.0, July 2016

  • Added support for push authentication
  • Updated user interface to support both OATH and push authentication methods

1.0.0 - [OPENAM-5334]

Released with OpenAM 13.0.0, January 2016

  • Seamless integration with OpenAM "ForgeRock Authenticator (OATH)" authentication module


Please capture bugs relating to released versions of the ForgeRock Authenticator app in the ForgeRock Authenticator Apps JIRA project.
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  1. Unknown User (


    git clone  is requiring a password. We tried our user Forgerock account but it seems we do not have access

    Best regards




    1. Hello,

      This code is still very much in development and we are unable to make it public at the moment.

      This will likely change closer to the release of OpenAM 13 when the code will be move to a public repository.


      Robert Wapshott