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  • How to notify the Documentation Team of changes
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When making changes to the product the developer needs to be aware of the implications for product documentation. Generally any change to the product, including bugs, might require a change to product documentation. If you are not sure, feel free to reach out to #rtfm-am-docs for clarification.

To help determine whether we need to change product documentation, the following examples are provided:

  • Add new features which are not documented
  • Changing behaviour to existing features
  • Changing data export formats where customer data may be impacted
  • Adding new properties to the user interface and require assistance with wording of help text
  • Adding new configuration parameters as part of fixing a bug
  • Security hardening work where a new whitelist/blacklist was introduced
  • Changing wording on public facing technical documentation
  • Changes that specific require action before or after upgrade (e.g. keystores)

In general if developers would like assistance with public facing wording or text, the documentation team is well placed to assist to ensure that consistent and accurate wording is used.


We use a JIRA process to ensure work is tracked via tickets.

Please raise a ticket using the following fields:

  • Project: AME
  • Issue Type: Improvement
  • Component: Documentation
  • Description: Describe the impact on the customer, e.g. Will need to re-compile their code because of method signature change. Include necessary detail for deprecations by explaining what should be used instead.

An example of a ticket raised for this is AME-15439.

If you are not sure or would like further clarification, feel free to reach out to #rtfm-am-docs for more details.

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