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  • OpenAM Hardware and Software requirements
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OpenAM can be deployed in a variety of combination's of hardware, operating systems and web containers; the following environments are the ones fully supported by ForgeRock AS. 

If you have a special request for a web container or a User Data Store not listed here, please contact ForgeRock at, or call +47 21520108.

Hardware supported

OpenAM can be deployed in any hardware that is supported by the Operating Systems listed in the section Platforms Supported. The hardware resources recommended depend on the specific deployment requirements but a minimum of resources is listed in the section Hardware Resources Requirements for OpenAM

Platforms Supported

Supported platforms are always listed in the release notes :

Supported Web Containers


Java Development Kit requirements

Data Store requirements

Other LDAP V3 Compliant servers could be used a s a User Data Store, but we recommend to check with ForgeRock in case you want to use one not listed here and wish to have it supported.

Session Failover requirements

Hardware resources recommended



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