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A Spike is an investigative piece of work.

Where do they come from?

They come from the PO and Dev Team discussions during the backlog refinement.

What is their purpose?

Increase the understanding of a User Story, feed into design and approaches, open the door to creativity and innovation. In general Spikes help the team create a smoother and healthier backlog where there are "unknowns".

For how long do they run?

Spikes are time-boxed to a standard of 2 dev days. If more time is required in order to acquire more knowledge either the time is extended or a follow-up spike is created.


<Spike Title>

<Description (Objective)>



Investigate different ways of migrating the RCS to secrets


The objective of this spike is to provide an analysis of different options in order to migrate the Remote Content Service to secrets.


The outcome of the spike should be:

1) recorded on Confluence

2) discussed with the team

3) POC-ed

4) fed into the follow-up User Story

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