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As <user role>

I want <some capability / functionality>

So that <gain some benefit>

Acceptance Criteria

<bullet point list of clear and testable statements>


As a user

I want to login to the company's resources using SSO

So that I can carry on the daily tasks seamlessly

Acceptance Criteria

There is a spinner showing while the SSO login process is taking place

Visual elements are in place for handling error cases

Other things to consider...

  • The User Story is linked to other related tickets.
  • All short discussions are captured in the story's comments section for future reference.
  • The User Story meets the DoR before allocated to a Sprint.
  • Spikes
    • Where a Spike is required, before a User Story can progress, this is captured and time-boxed (TBD) during refinement (story time sessions).
    • A User Story that depends on a Spike should ideally not be brought together into the same sprint.
    • There will be cases where a Spike has to be completed in order to put together a User Story; where for example a POC has to take place first.
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