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  • Using Bugster from Netbeans 6.8
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Bugster and Netbeans

This HowTo shows you how to configure Netbeans 6.8 with the ForgeRock Bugster Issue tracker. You need to have registered with the ForgeRock community before you can continue with this HowTo.

Create an Issue Tracker in Netbeans

Click on the Team > Report an Issue menu item. The following window appears.

Click on the New link and the following window appears called Create Issue Tracker. Select JIRA from the Connector dropdown and click the install JIRA Plugin button.

Netbeans will need to be restarted

If you have not already installed the JIRA plug-in into Netbeans, you will have to restart before you can continue the rest of the HowTo. Ensure you have saved your work before continuing.

The JIRA plug-in will download and Netbeans will restart.

Create new Issues

Once Netbeans restarts, return to the same menu item; Team > Report an Issue. The same window appears and again select the JIRA Connector. The JIRA configuration window appears:

Complete the form as shown using your username and password for the ForgeRock Community. Click on the Validate button to check all is well. The Report an Issue window will now open.

Ensure you select the openam project and you can now raise your issue. Refer to the Raising OpenAM issues document for more information.

Search for Issues

You can also search for issues from within Netbeans. Select the Team > Find Issues menu item and the Find Issues window appears.

Ensure you have the openam project selected and you can then easily search for issues.

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