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This little document describes how to use ForgeRock's OpenAM Maven Repository

OpenAM Artifacts

The following artifacts are available:









This properties element controls the version of the libraries that will be used:


and to include our repository in your pom.xml include this element:


The following versions of OpenAM artifacts are available in the repository:

OpenAM Release

Maven Repository Version Tag


OpenAM 10.0.0


OpenAM 10.0.0-EA


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.4


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.4 RC1


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.3


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.3 RC1


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.2


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.2 RC1


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.1


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.1 RC2


OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.1 RC1


OpenAM Snapshot 9


OpenSSO Express 8


OpenSSO Express 7



Since the 10.1.0-Xpress version is now using Maven, the artifact names may differ from the previously available ones. See the following simple mapping between versions

Old artifactIdNew artifactID


Maven Artifacts 

The following provides a list of the main maven artifacts to help you navigate to the files you need.

Maven ArtifactPrevious Name/NewPurpose
openam-auth-adamserverContains the core OpenAM components, including all of the authentication modules
openam-auth-adaptiveamserverContains the components for adaptive risk authentication module
openam-auth-anonymousamserverContains the components for anonymous authentication module
openam-auth-applicationamserverContains the components for the internally used application authentication module
openam-auth-certamserverContains the components for certification authentication module
openam-auth-datastoreamserverContains the components for data store authentication module
openam-auth-hotpamserverContains the components for HOTP authentication module
openam-auth-httpbasicamserverContains the components for HTTP Basic authentication module
openam-auth-jdbcamserverContains the components for JDBC authentication module
openam-auth-ldapamserverContains the components for LDAP authentication module
openam-auth-membershipamserverContains the components for Membership authentication module
openam-auth-msisdnamserverContains the components for MSISDN authentication module
openam-auth-ntamserverContains the components for Windows NT authentication module
openam-auth-oathamserverContains the components for the OATH authentication module
openam-auth-oauth2amserverContains the components for configuring the OAuth 2.0 authentication module
openam-auth-postauthenticationNewContains the AccountExpirePlugin for Post Authentication Processing
openam-auth-radiusamserverContains the components for RADIUS authentication module
openam-auth-securidamserverContains the components for SecurID authentication module
openam-auth-windowsdesktopssoamserverContains the components for Windows Desktop SSO authentication module
openam-build-toolsNewContains the components for assist the OpenAM build process
openam-cliamserver and openfmContains the components for the command line interface
openam-cli-definitionsamserver and openfmContains the definitions for the different CLI commands
openam-cli-implamserver and openfmContains the implementation of the CLI tools (ssoadm)
openam-clientsdkclientsdkContains the client SDK for remote interaction with the OpenAM server
openam-common-auth-uiamserverContains the components for the common authentication UI shared between the main OpenAM server and DAS
openam-consoleamserver and openfmContains all of the administrative console components
openam-corecoreContains the core functionalities of OpenAM, like authentication and audit logs
openam-dashboardNewContains the components for the Dashboard service
openam-diagnostics-basebaseContains the basic framework for the diagnostic tools
openam-diagnostics-pluginsCentralized from several different locationsContains the components for the diagnostic plugin elements
openam-diagnostics-schemaNewGenerated classes based on the diagnostics XML schema
openam-distauthamserverContains the distributed authorization service
openam-distribution-diagnosticsNewContains the OpenAM diagnostics tools
openam-distribution-fedlet-unconfiguredNewContains the OpenAM fedlet
openam-distribution-kitNewContains all of the OpenAM components
openam-distribution-ssoadmintoolsNewContains the OpenAM Admin tools
openam-distribution-ssoconfiguratortoolsNewContains the OpenAM configurator tools
openam-doc-contentsite-helperDocumentation compiler
openam-doc-sourceopenam-site/srcSource code for documentaiton
openam-documentationopenam-siteContains OpenAM documentation
openam-dtd-schemaamserverContains the components for the DTD file schemas
openam-entitlementsamserverContains the OpenAM entitlement elements
openam-example-clientsdk-cliopensso-client.zipContains the examples of the client SDK for CLI
openam-example-clientsdk-waropensso-client.zipContains the war file for the client SDK example
openam-federation-libraryopenfedlibContains the elements of the OpenAM Federation library
openam-forgerock-restNewContains the elements of the OpenAM REST interface
openam-idpdiscoveryopenfedlibContains the elements of IDP Discovery
openam-idpdiscovery-waropenfedlibContains the elements of the IDP Discovery war file
openam-idsvcs-schemaamserverContains the elements of the ID services schema
openam-installtoolsinstalltoolsContains the components for the OpenAM tools
openam-installtools-launcherinstalltoolsContains the components for launching OpenAM tools
openam-jaxrpc-schemaamserverContains the elements for the JAX-RPC schema
openam-liberty-schemaopenfedlibContains the elements of the Liberty schema
openam-localeNewContains property files of the OpenAM core
openam-mib-schemaamserverContains generated classes for SNMP/JMX/RMI monitoring
openam-oauthoauthContains the components for OAuth 1.0
openam-oauth2-commonNewContains the common components of OAuth 2.0
openam-oauth2-cover-token-serviceNewContains the basic token service elements required by OAuth 2.0
openam-oauth2-demoNewContains the demo tools for OAuth 2.0
openam-oauth2-mainNewContains the required components of OAuth 2.0
openam-oauth2-openam-extensionNewContains the plugin components of OAuth 2.0
openam-oauth2-restNewContains the REST interface for OAuth 2.0
openam-oauth2-restlet-extensionNewContains the REST extension of the REST interface for OAuth 2.0
openam-pluginsNewContains OpenAM plugins
openam-restrestContains the components for the legacy REST interface for managing entitlements
openam-saml2-schemaopenfedlibContains the components for the SAML2 schema
openam-serverserverContains the components of the server
openam-server-auth-uiamserverContains the elements of the server authorization UI
openam-server-onlyNewContains the elements for OpenAM without the console
openam-sharedsharedlibContains the shared libraries
openam-toolstoolsContains the components for OpenAM tools
openam-ui-riaNewContains the elements for the rich internet application UI
openam-wsfederation-schemaNewContains the WS federation schema
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  1. Unknown User (sreev)

    OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.3 with maven tag 953, checksum fails.  downloads huge openfedlib.jar file.

    Created a bug:



  2. OpenAM 10.0.0 artifacts are missing from the release repository; filed bug COMMWEB-117 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Only OpenAM 10.0.1 artifacts are available.

  3. Unknown User (preshit)

    I am able see the issue OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.3 with maven tag 953, checksum fails.

    Below are the logs:


    [INFO] Downloading:
    [WARNING] Checksum validation failed, no checksums available from the repository for
    [INFO] Downloaded: (3 KB at 0.6 KB/sec)
    [INFO] Downloading:
    [WARNING] Checksum validation failed, no checksums available from the repository for
    [INFO] Downloaded: (3 KB at 0.4 KB/sec)
    [INFO] Downloading:
    [WARNING] Checksum validation failed, no checksums available from the repository for
    [INFO] Downloaded: (3 KB at 0.6 KB/sec)
    [INFO] Downloading:


    Recreated bug:

      OPENAM-9498 - Getting issue details... STATUS