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A tool for converting AM configuration files (Amster export or FBC) to be usable with a newer version of AM.  The project is within the openam repository.  The README and its examples is a good place to start, as is the the CLI output.  The tool is delivered as part of the  It is driven by rules that are either delivered along with the tool or even custom written.

amupgrade CLI
Usage: amupgrade [options] <Rules files>
  * --inputConfig, -i
      The input configuration directory
  * --output, -o
      The output configuration directory
    --version, -V
      Prints the version of this config upgrader tool and exits
    --verbose, -v
      include to log verbose output
  * --amsterVersion, -a
      The version of Amster that will be used to import the configuration (for 
      example 6.0.0)
    --secretsConfigFile, -f
      The properties file that contains settings necessary to migrate 
      credentials to secrets This is mandatory if your rules contain secrets 
      upgradessee file for more details
    --log-output, -l
      The file location to log output to
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