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  • How to submit a code contribution for review
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To submit a contribution for inclusion in OpenIDM, submit a patch and initiate a review.

  • At the root of the branch or trunk, create a patch file via svn diff, e.g.
svn diff > /review/OPENIDM-123.diff
  • In the top right hand side under Tools choose Create Review.
  • Choose "Pre-commit" as the content to submit for review.
  • Upload the patch file created above, i.e. /review/OPENIDM-123.diff by selecting browse and upload.
  • Ensure it shows "anchored to" the right place, i.e. openidm. If it is not, click edit and select openidm.
  • Select Edit Detail.
  • Add a title, add one or more reviewer(s) (if in doubt, assign to andi), add an Objective to guide the review, enter a related jira issue under Linked Issue (e.g. OPENIDM-123)
  • Select start review

Once reviewer(s) have closed out the review and feedback has been incorporated into the code, use the following convention to include the crucible review number in the code check-in:

In the svn commit message include the crucible review number after the jira, i.e.

<jira> <crucible> text


"OPENIDM-576 [CR-381] reset file writer upon creation of new file to allow for audit file log rotation"
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