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OpenIDM includes an event monitoring facility called smartevent. This can be enabled via the openidm.smartevent.enabled system property. This will enable the SmartEvent via JMX. If you would like to view a simple summary log in the openidm log you can enable openidm.smartevent.summarylogging


Getting Started

To get started with smartevent you can enable it via JAVA_OPTS during startup


$ env JAVA_OPTS="-Dopenidm.smartevent.enabled=true -Dopenidm.smartevent.summarylogging" ./


This will result in the smartevent summary being dumped to the main logs/openidm.log.0 file. You should see something along the lines of 

Jan 16, 2015 10:53:27 AM org.forgerock.openidm.smartevent.core.StatisticsHandler$1 run
INFO: Summary: {openidm/internal/repo/orientdb/raw/query/query-all-ids=Invocations: 1 total time: 18.448 ms mean: 18.448 ms, openidm/internal/repo/orientdb/raw/query/query-cluster-events=Invocations: 119 total time: 31.958 ms mean: 0.269 ms, openidm/internal/repo/orientdb/raw/query/query-cluster-failed-instances=Invocations: 119 total time: 54.032 ms mean: 0.454 ms, openidm/internal/router/repo/scheduler/read=Invocations: 26 total time: 98.177 ms mean: 3.776 ms}

Enabling JMX

In order to use smartevent via JMX you will need to also enable JMX with openidm. This can be done via:

$ env JAVA_OPTS="
-Dopenidm.smartevent.summarylogging=false" ./
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