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All new source files must begin with the following copyright notice, which should be adapted accordingly for non-Java source code (e.g. XML, properties, etc):

Code Block
 * Copyright 20192020 ForgeRock AS. All Rights Reserved
 * Use of this code requires a commercial software license with ForgeRock AS.
 * or with one of its affiliates. All use shall be exclusively subject
 * to such license between the licensee and ForgeRock AS.


OPENAM-12345 Adjust LDAP connection settings.

Bad examples:

OPENAM-12345 Eliminate XSS in /json/sessions endpoint - mentions a specific vulnerability and/or endpoint

OPENAM-12345 Fix issue reported by customer - customers often report security issues, so this is a red flag

OPENAM-12345 JWT validation - NB even something as simple as this should be avoided as bugs in validation are almost always security issues

If in doubt, leave it out!