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  • Developing OpenDJ with IntelliJ IDEA

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The quickest and easiest way to use IntelliJ IDEA 15 for OpenDJ development is to:

  1. Clone the source code from ForgeRock's Stash into a new directory. This will require a community login:

    Code Block
    $ git clone opendj-trunk
    $ cd opendj-trunk
    $ mvn clean install
  2. Start IntelliJ IDEA, and open (not import) the above directory as a project.

  3. The new project (e.g. opendj-trunk) should be ready for your work.


Open the Maven panel, expand OpenDJ and double-click the install label.

Running unit tests

Open the Maven panel, check the "precommit" profile, and do a build as above.

Running and debugging individual unit tests

Go to Run > Edit Configurations... and choose Defaults > TestNG. Edit the VM options field, adding: "-Dorg.opends.server.BuildRoot=.", ensure that the working directory is "$MODULE_DIR$", and remove the Make job in the Before Launch list.