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A context-object is a JSON object, which contains a set of members which define the context of a request.


Code Block
    "type": string,
    "parent": context-object,
    "uuid": string,
    "security": object


"type": string, required
Specifies the type of context object this is. Based-on this value, other members within this object are implied. The types currently defined in this specification are: "root", http" and "resource". Other context object types may be defined.

"parent": context-object or null, required
Contains the parent context, or null if the context is a root-context object.

"uuid": string, required
A string that contains a universally unique identifier, uniquely identifying the context. This is useful for tracing various activities as they traverse multiple resources and contexts.

"security": object, optional
Contains a set of security properties associated with the context.