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  • OpenIDM now has a Bootstrap framework, so customizing the UI is easy. There is a new admin UI that helps with initial setup and widgets for doing typical things.
  • There is a new relationship based role model.
  • Intrinsic relationship model to allow a single user to have multiple personas.
  • New multiple password policies to manage policy much easier.
  • New hashed passwords feature  allows for password history without seeing the password itself.
  • There is a new OpenAM session auth module.
  • New update and upgrade framework, much more friendly, can kick it off from the admin UI. It tells you what it's going to do and then does it.
  • Improved documentation.
  • New additional repositories, like DB2.
  • New commons based self service and audit (instead of separate ones for idm and am).
  • New connectors.
  • All kinds of cool stuff coming in 4.5

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