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Download haproxy from the interweb and install it somewhere permanent. One way to install haproxy is to use brew (`sudo brew install haproxy`). 

I have no idea how the default haproxy.cfg looks, but it will almost certainly be useless.  The one I use is as follows.  You will need to edit OPENAM_URL_1, OPENAM_URL_2, etc. etc. accordingly.  Each will need to be the full path (excluding scheme) to one of your OpenAM instances, e.g.:

Command to start haproxy is `haproxy -f haproxy.cfg`.

The following config file may give WARNING messages if you are using latest haproxy, that is because some of the directives listed below are now deprecated.

Code Block
# this config needs haproxy-1.1.28 or haproxy-1.2.1

        log   local0
        log   local1 notice
        maxconn 4096
        user root
        group wheel

        log     global
        mode    http
        option  httplog
        option  dontlognull
        retries 3
        option redispatch
        maxconn 2000
        contimeout      5000
        clitimeout      50000
        srvtimeout      50000

frontend http-farm
  bind *:8080
  default_backend openam

backend openam
  balance roundrobin
  cookie amlbcookie indirect nocache  
  server openam1 OPENAM_URL_1 cookie 01 
  server openam2 OPENAM_URL_2 cookie 02
  server openam3 OPENAM_URL_3 cookie 03