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  1. Open IG Release's Pipeline (
  2. Select the branch you want to release
    1. If it doesn't appear, execute "Scan Multibranch Pipeline Now", the release branch should show up some time later
  3. When on the branch page, execute "Build with Parameters"
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       When about to release version x.y.z :

    1. Release Version: Name of the tag and released version, should be of the form x.y.z or x.y.z-RCi  (example : 6.1.0-RC2)

    2. Next Dev Version: Next version , must ends (usually, the same version that you are about to release) ending with -SNAPSHOT (ex: 6.51.0-SNAPSHOT)

    3. Doc Env: Choose QA for intermediate builds (milestones and RCs), that's the default, choose backstage for the real release only

    4. Doc Version: short version name ie x or x.y (example : 6 for 6.0.0 , and  6.1 for 6.1.0)