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To remove the complexity, Visual Studio Code users may to refer to 3 Visual Studio Code - Integration Tips - Working with Yarn scripts, this could be potentially emulated in other editors.


  • build production - build the API and optimise or remove unsafe values that customers should not see.
  • start - start the intent of the project
  • clean:jsdoc - remove the jsdoc folder, js doc is generated from a special comment format, in cases where clean is required, there may be a potential bug and workaround
  • jsdoc - take the jsdoc comments and generated a pretty html documentation page, it is highly recomended that jsdoc comments are used where appropriate
  • prestart - a script that runs as a lifecycle hook before start.
  • build - build the project without starting a dev server.
  • profile - dependency profiling, not to be confused with perf, which this does not do.
  • test - run mocha unit tests, testing to be discussed later on.



By node convention, start is the script we will use to run the main task or purpose of this package, in this case, build the UI. When starting, you will be greeted with a CLI prompt to configure and proxy your Frontend build against the running Tomcat server for the first time.