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Note: All files must have a lowercase file extension

Code Block
canUserShareResourceSet:223, UmaPolicyServiceImpl (
createPolicy:249, UmaPolicyServiceImpl (
createInstance:130, UmaPolicyResource (
invoke0:-1, NativeMethodAccessorImpl (jdk.internal.reflect)
invoke:62, NativeMethodAccessorImpl (jdk.internal.reflect)
invoke:43, DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl (jdk.internal.reflect)
invoke:566, Method (java.lang.reflect)
invoke:96, AnnotatedMethod (org.forgerock.json.resource)
invoke:61, AnnotatedMethod (org.forgerock.json.resource)
handleCreate:52, AnnotatedCollectionHandler (org.forgerock.json.resource)
handleCreate:265, Router (org.forgerock.json.resource)
handleCreate:265, Router (org.forgerock.json.resource)
handleCreate:64, FilterChain$Cursor (org.forgerock.json.resource)

Running the plugin

The Maven plugin is wired up to run on the precommit Maven profile and so is automatically included as part of standard Jenkins build pipelines. However if you would like to invoke this plugin directly to help with debugging/explore copyright errors then the following command run from the top of the AM checkout will run the plugin: