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One requirement after making a schema change is to write an FBC upgrade rule to perform commit-to-commit upgrade within master latest.groovy.  All FBC upgrade is manual via the use of the openam-config-upgrader and its rule files.  The upgrader's associated rules perform that transformation.  This page is here to help you get started with writing FBC upgrade rules for any schema change.


After a schema change add upgrade rules to masterlatest.groovy.  Use the existing rules as examples.


  • agentservice
    • 1.0.json
    • 1.0/
      • instances.json
      •  instances/
        • agentgroup.json
      • organizationconfig.json
      • organizationconfig/
        • agentgroup.json 
        • agentgroup/
          • <customgroup>.json
        • default.json
        • default/
          • <instance>.json

Rules to upgrade FBC



Set of idempotent rules that will upgrade file based configuration files to be compatible with the latest version of AM on a branch.  master latest.groovy is contained in the release.


The rules within masterlatest.groovy must be idempotent.


Unit tests will run against masterlatest.groovy for these test cases.  When adding rules it is expected that test case files are added to test those rules.