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  • Tuning IG and the ClientHandler/ ReverseProxyHandler

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connectionsThe number of available connections to the downstream remote application
numberOfWorkersThis is the number of IG worker threads allocated to service inbound requests and manage propagation to the downstream application. Of note, IG has an asynchronous threading-model, so a worker thread is not consumed blocking for a response from the downstream server. By default, this value is set to the number of available cores.
connectTimeoutThe connection timeout, or maximum time to connect to a server-side socket, before timing out and abandoning the connection attempt.
soTimeoutThe socket timeout, or the maximum time a request is expected to take before a response is received, after which the request is deemed to have failed.

Configuration Strategy

Tomcat The IG container (Tomcat, Jetty, or Vert.x config) and IG-specific configuration should be done with regard to:

  1. the performance goals and , together with the capabilities and limitations of the downstream system:
  2. expectation of some increase in response time with IG inserted as a proxy in front of the protected application, due to the extra network hop and processing required.
  3. IG and its container being constrained by the limitations of the downstream server and the response times of the protected application. This includes the downstream web container configuration, its JVM configuration and tuning, resource types (e.g. compiled resources), etc.