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  • Start AM 7.0.0 with external DS over a secure connection

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  • Deployment Key of "AForYBg8mR_0kRsWbGHSrUP8aApOtpw5CBVN1bkVDAKLAd0oCRgow6hc"
  • Deployment Key Password of "example-password"

This will create a server we can use for testing.

Code Block
$ ./setup \
    --deploymentKey AForYBg8mR_0kRsWbGHSrUP8aApOtpw5CBVN1bkVDAKLAd0oCRgow6hc \
    --deploymentKeyPassword example-password \
    --rootUserDN "cn=Directory Manager" \
    --rootUserPasswordFile /tmp/admin.pwd \
    --monitorUserPasswordFile /tmp/admin.pwd \
    --hostname \
    --ldapPort 1389 \
    --ldapsPort 1636 \
    --httpsPort 8443 \
    --adminConnectorPort 4444 \
    --profile am-config \
    --set am-config/baseDn:ou=am-config \
    --set am-config/amConfigAdminPassword:administrator \
    --profile am-identity-store \
    --set am-identity-store/amIdentityStoreAdminPassword:administrator \
    --profile am-cts \
    --set am-cts/amCtsAdminPassword:administrator \

Validating parameters..... Done
Configuring certificates......... Done

Store the following deployment key in a safe place and re-use it when
configuring other servers in the topology:


Configuring server..... Done
Configuring profile AM configuration data store......... Done
Configuring profile AM identity data store......... Done
Configuring profile AM CTS data store............. Done

To see basic server status and configuration, you can launch