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Control Name and Use


 transactionId control. This control is used to provide a transactionId in a request or response.

 The transactionId is used across Forgerock products to track related requests. The format of a transactionId issued by a Forgerock product is expected to be: <UUID>/x1/x2/.../xn where xi is an integer representing a sub-transaction, but no check is done on the format.

This control is available in SDK 2.6.x and SDK 3+ for client-side and OpenDJ 3+ for server-side. control. This control is used to

provide a value for connection affinity, when using a load-balancer from the SDK.

For load-balancers algorithms that do not guarantee the use of the same connection for operations on the same DN, this control is a way to force the behavior to use the same connection. control. This control is used to provide additional modifications to a request (for internal operations) A known use case is to add modifications to a ModifyDnRequest for replication (management of ds-sync-conflict attribute)  replicationContext control. This control is used internally to provide some replication-related context to requests

The replication context includes a CSN, an entry UUID and an additional UUID.

This control may be removed in the future.