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ForgeRock is committed to continuing the development of the OpenDJ product.

 ForgeRock wants to ensure that the future roadmap is as open as possible and to that end we have the Wish List . We encourage the community to contribute their thoughts on features they would like to see in future releases of the product on this page.

The Wish List is where we encourage the community to contribute to high level requirements and new features. You are also very welcome to log an RFE in Bugster .

Updated Roadmap.

OpenDJ 2.4 (Released December 2010)
  • Support for Collective Attributes (RFC 3671 , 3672 )
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory Permissive Modification Control
  • Improved Import performances and reliability
  • Optimized replication traffic routing to reduce overhead and increase reliability
  • Support for passwords imported from Linux
  • Support for multiple object classes inheritance in the schema
  • Support for disk space monitoring in the server for the database, import and rebuild operations, preventing unexpected behaviors on full disks.
  • Support for monitoring the use of indexes in filters
  • Support for analysis of attribute indexes
  • Support for limit in the number of persistent searches
  • New resource limit policy to throttle the operation rate
  • Improved performances, especially with small DB cache

Maintenance releases :

OpenDJ 2.4.1 (released March 2011), 2.4.2 (released April 2011), 2.4.3 (release June 2011), 2.4.4 (released October 2011), 2.4.5 (released February 2012), 2.4.6 (released July 2012)

OpenDJ 2.5.0-Xpress1 (released July 2012)
  • Delegation of authentication (pass-through) for AD
  • Initial group referential integrity enforced
  • Access log filtering and presentation
  • Optimistic Concurrency control
  • Support for Samba password
OpenDJ 2.6.0 (targeted Q2 2013)
  • REST to LDAP service
  • Native Packages for Linux
  • New PBKDF2 password storage scheme
  • LDAP Client SDK (with Maven support)
OpenDJ 2.6.2 (targeted Q3 2013)
  • In memory backend with file persistence
OpenDJ 3.0 (targeted Q1 2014)



The roadmap represents ForgeRock´s current view of its product development cycle and future directions. It is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of ForgeRock. ForgeRock makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on future functionality and timeline.


OpenDJ 2.6 

OpenDJ 2.6.4 

OpenDJ 3.0

OpenDJ 3.5

OpenDJ 4.0

  • Released in Q1 2017 as ForgeRock Directory Services 5.0
  • Enhancements to the REST to LDAP service
  • Core Directory Proxy Services
    • Load balancing and failover
    • Health-check and high availability
    • Chaining
OpenDJ 3.x 
  •  Enhanced Proxy services
    • Data mapping and transformation
    • Client filtering rules
    • Connection throttling
    • Data distribution and horizontal scalability
    • Automatic registration and discovery of OpenDJ services
OpenDJ 4.0 (targeted Q1 2015)
  •  New Virtual Directory Services
    • LDAP connectors
    • Database connectors
    • File connectors
    • Join from different data sources
  • Web-based service management console
  • JSON Syntax and Matching Rules

Future Developments are now under the ForgeRock Directory Services product line.