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  • How to make contributions/changes to the OpenIDM database schemas/scripts
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This page is for developers and community members that want to evolve/change the database schema and scripts that are part of the default build of OpenIDM. It describes how to change the source artifacts in a consistent manner.

The default database model is maintained using MySQLWorkbench, the model file "openidm-model.mwb" can be found in openidm-repo-jdbc/src/main/resources/mysql .

  1. Make the appropriate changes to openidm-model.mwb
  2. To generate the script file, choose File/Export/Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script into the same directory.
  3. Currently there is one addition to the script file that is added manually: the users. Until these get generated as well, copy the end of the existing checked in script file (openidm database user section) into the newly generated one. You can also get this from openidm-zip/src/main/resources/db/scripts/mysql/openidm.sql.
  4. Currently, after the above modification the script file also needs to be manually copied to openidm-zip/src/main/resources/db/scripts/mysql/. This likely will be rationalized at some point.
  5. Manually adjust all the scripts for the other databases in openidm-zip/src/main/resources/db/scripts/ to match the new schema and script
  6. Test the changes.
  7. After submitting the above for code review and accepting the changes, it will get committed (scripts AND model). (Or you will commit the changes if you have the status)

Please report issues with the above instructions to the mailing list.



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