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  • Summer 2015 ForgeRock Migration from SVN to Stash/GIT
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We're extremely proud to be able to announce that starting in mid July 2015 ForgeRock’s projects will be moving from SVN to GIT!

After looking at all the options, we have chosen to administer our own GIT server using Atlassian’s Stash ( This allows us to stick with the Jira workflows we already have, and integrate them with the Stash pull request/review mechanisms. 

We think that all the effort that both IT and our release engineer (awesome work Bruno!) have put in has been worth it because having our projects in GIT will enable more collaboration and community contributions. A fully distributed SCM solution will speed up workflow as you have a full repository on your machine, which makes it lightning fast. Because you have everything on your local machine you don’t need to be online to work either. The best bit though, is that engineers love working with GIT and we want to ensure that those working with our code are happy with the tools and environment. 

So, there are lots of benefits to us moving to GIT. We do realise however, that this change will affect some members of our community and some of ForgeRock’s customers. You will need to learn GIT if you don’t already know it, and some of you may be pulling code from our SVN repositories by script or using other automated means. In order to minimise any disruption we will be publishing the latest information on this ForgeRock wiki page, and will have a dedicated thread in the General Discussion forum on We will post news of the project, timings, dates that projects move over, links to training, links to the git repositories on the Wiki and monitor the forum so you may ask us questions, make comments etc.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this move, and we look forward to enabling more sharing and collaboration in our community using Stash and GIT this coming year.

Dates for moving

PLEASE NOTE: These are subject to change. When the dates change we will put a note into this forum topic, so be sure to subscribe to updates to receive ongoing notifications.

SVN RepositoryDate
Commons15th of July
OpenIG20th of July
OpenDJ22th of July
OpenIDM27th of July
OpenICF30th of July
OpenAM23rd of August

Getting yourself up to speed.

Here are some training links Bruno who has spearheaded our move to GIT has collected to help everyone understand GIT. 


Here are some nice online tutorials.

Basic tutorials:

Interactive tutorials:


Advanced tutorials:

Git cheatsheet:

Git for computer scientists:

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