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  • Customer contributions - How to build a support branch.
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If you're a ForgeRock customer, you may want to enhance or build upon a support branch. In this example we'll go through the process of how to build 11.0.2.

First, you will need to contact and request a call to discuss your requirements. We will need to know the branch you want to work with, and the usernames and email addresses of the developers you wish to be able to access  your repository. 

Once we've created you a branch we will email you with;

  • the url of your branch so you may set up your development environment and checkout your branch.
  • A username and password (encrypted) that you may use to access our maven artifactory repository that contain support dependency artefacts that your build will need to access, and instructions on how to decrypt it. 
  • An svn patch file you can apply to your openam/pom.xml file to enable your build to use the ForgeRock Customer Repository.

Because everyone's development environments are different, and to isolate the OpenAM environment as much as possible, we've created some scripts to help you set up an environment as quickly as possible on an Ubuntu 14.04 desktop machine or VM. The instructions to do that are here;

Once you have your branch checked out in your development environment you will need to modify your root openam pom file to add the ForgeRock Customer Repository definition. You can do this by applying the svn patch file we will email you.

Next you will need to configure SVN to be able use the credential we sent you. This may be done by following the guidance here;

You should now be able to build your support branch! 



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