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Description: Internal representation of Data & relationships inside IDM


OpenIDM has a flexible "Managed Object" structure - not a "normalized structure"

Entity attribute value table - Allows for serialization?

Managed Object tbl

Managed object properties tbl


You can review how data is configured in the repo.json (under config dir) and contains:

Predefined queries

Object "layout" and properties


Performance implications of what you declare and where - so it's up to you / SI to determine what fits well in your implementation


Relationships - and how we manage related values

Another table called "relationships"

Resource path of Object A and How it related to resource path of Object B

Example of creating a user + a role


Meta-Directory / Virtual Directory use case: Building a "golden record" to centralize a set of authoritative sources to build an authoritative record to be managed centrally

Policy management can be regulated (like password policy)


How to manage data over REST in IDM (using POSTMan, for example)

Basic GET versus request for additional fields

All available over REST

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