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  • Cloud Readiness / Docker Image considerations
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  • ForgeRock will try to help customers using Docker in phase 1 and intend to provide Docker images later in a phase 2.
  • Images from ForgeRock contain only open source components.
  • Want to make the components work more like cattle than pets in order to make generic Docker images that can be spun up and shutdown on demand. Any server can validate a token, etc.
  • The Docker images will be useful to the developer to help them get going quickly.
  • Huge priority to continue making things available via REST, which will make creating and administering Docker images containing ForgeRock components easier.
  • Find on, also mirrored to Github. 
  • Lots of discussion about immutable images, and you have to be committed to 100% automation to make it all work .
  • If the image is baked it currently has credentials so you need to publish into a private repository. But there are some other thoughts on how to handle storing the credentials separately, e.g. Kubernetes Secrets, HashiCorp Vault and others. 
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